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Oslo (in English)

I’m not the only one discovering the Scandi way of life. Here are a few more blogs in English that describe Oslo and the author’s encounter with the Norwegian culture and daily adventures.

Norway TimeOslo blogss by Jill Kirchman

Jill is a funny girl. She always makes quirky and witty comments on Facebook groups like New To Oslo. She is Canadian and she has amazing writing skills. She can afford to write pages long posts without any picture. Just like a Novel writer. Let me know what you think.


Oslo blogFrom Sydney to Scandi Style: A Sydney sider moves to Oslo by Grace Bekkesletten

Grace is Aussie, oi oi oi! So I feel closer to the culture shock she might experience although she has lived in Australia for 30 years before she moved here, 6 months ago. That’s why, unlike blasé serial expats like me, she’s got an amazingly fresh view on things and is keen to try out new things.

Oslo blogHaiku travel blog by Torran Anderson

Torran is a writer and photographer from Tucson Arizona. My sister’s been living in AZ for 20 years so I feel some connection here too. Torran is mixing great photography with Haiku, very short poems providing a meaning, an angle to the picture. Pretty smart and entertaining. Unique for sure.

Know more blogs like those? Just let me know!