My squad

Here’s a page dedicated to my personal friends’s blog and businesses. Some have been blogging for more than a decade, some are professional writers who are published in the Huffington Post, some are creative, talented and hard working entrepreneurs I’ve been coaching, some even have physical stores!

Blogs and Businesses
Bloggers Emma Lee, Beverly Burgess and Thien Lan Weber


  • Beverly, a real influence in Singapore with her stories about food, fashion and family (two boys, just like me)
  • Adventure Baby’! by Christine Knight, who came up with the “Brunch with my baby” concept about kids friendly places around New York City and Sydney
  • Miss Kitty Cat , a real PR expert who loves fashion, jewelry, baking and parenting (sounds familiar?)
  • Team Merrica, husband and wife Merrill and Erica have been busy since their twins were born
  • Karine, French born Vietnamese girl with a point of view in Sydney
  • Fixies, clever comic strips about corporate life and white collars (in French)
  • Love around the table, my new Swedish friend who is also a food lover and makes totally mind blowing food picture, not the porn type, the pretty type
  • Herring and Crisp Bread by Cecilia Skröder, a Swedish friend married to a French guy, taking her turn to have a blloming career
  • Lou Messugo, a blog with all you need to know about the French Riviera. Turns out we met in the blogosphere in 2015 when I used to live in Zurich and now we live in the same village!
Blogs and Businesses
Süssigkleid Kinder Boutique in Zürich

BUSINESSES in Zurich, Switzerland

  • AnnetLine, Parisian designer of high quality material yet affordable clothes manufactured in France or Italy.
  • Sussigkleid, second hand branded kids clothes with a store in the chic area of Zurich City.
  • Le Petit Atelier d’Art, for kids to discover where art comes from and create their own objects, in Dubendorf near Zurich
  • Simply macarons, beautiful and yummy birthday cakes,macarons, cupcakes near Zurich
  • Bling Thing, personalised jewelry based and designed in Switzerland
  • Plus y a de bonbons plus c’est bon, cakes made of delicious candies near Zurich
  • Aurelie Menard, a French photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland with a passion for creating atmospheres in her studio
  • Paris Tanzurich, dance class in Zurich where I work-out my abs and butt and perform Cancan
  • Les Petites Folies, NEW physical concept boutique where you can find anything that can bring you joy: French Macarons, beautiful Moroccan cosmetics and unique silhouette type greeting cards for all the moments in life. I helped a little with the look and feel of the website. Hope you like it.
  • Coupure Art, the dedicated website for those greeting cards mentioned above and unique artwork featuring the Swiss traditional Scherenschnitte technique

blogs and businesses

BUSINESSES in Australia


  • Guide Australie, for French people who want to work, study or live in Australia

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