La Lameloise 3 Michelin star restaurant, Chagny, Burgundy France

Scallops by Eric Pras, La Lameloise

I’m officially launching this new blog full of restaurant reviews today. It’s going to be updated with a new review every Thursday so you can go and try those places on the week-end!

Let’s start with the third 3 Michelin Star restaurant I ever did in my life ever. We took the kids along, aged 3 and 6 and explained to them how extra special it’s going to be and how extra special they should be feeling to try their first 3 star restaurant at this young age. Manu and I tried our first ever 3 Star when we were 30. It was Cordeillan Bages in the Bordeaux Region and the chef back then was Thierry Marx. That was memorable.


La Lameloise, 3 Michelin star restaurant
La Cuisine d’Eric Pras


This time was different and I was curious to see how we can take children to a 3 star fine dining restaurant. I had even trained my 3 year old to play Uno a few days before as I’m not a fan of tablets… No need to say, tablets won, big time, but it was a sacrifice we had to make so we could enjoyed our dinner holistically, with great wine, great company and amazing food, from 8pm to 1am. Yup 1am, without tantrum from any kids whatsoever although we had babies from 6 months up to 6 years old. French children who don’t throw food, I give you that.


Amuse bouche Eric Pras
Amuse bouche the us and for the kids too


I know, lots of reviews and literature have been written on La Lameloise Restaurant and its 3 Michelin star chef Eric Pras who became Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in 2004, so let me give you the kids friendly angle:

  • we were in a private dining room with high chairs, plenty of space for the prams and no guilt with letting the kids talk, play, walk (run) around both our private space and the adjacent lounge. No fear or stress of annoying the other guests who came here to enjoy an exceptional experience too. Pheew.
  • the staff was really nice with the kids. For the first time in my life I saw the Maitre d’O cut the meat in the kids’ plates. They also went to gently stir them from the lounge room back to the dining room when their main dish arrived
  • the kids menu was 25 euros including amuse bouche (same as the adults), main dish where you can choose between fish or meat, pasta, veggies or another side and dessert which was nicely presented ice cream or sorbet.


  • The glass of fruit juice is 9 euros. The juice is from Alain Miliat but our kids didn’t drink much so it was a real waste (I was so full I couldn’t even drink up all their juices)
  • the kid’s poularde de Bresse (famous chicken from that region) was so yummy, some of us had a slice. It was juicy with a crispy skin but then towards the end of the dinner we were too full to enjoy our dessert and petit fours. DOH!
  • They do doggy bags! Well in that environnement it’s a pretty La Lameloise branded box where they kindly put the petits fours that we couldn’t fit into our poor stomachs as per above!
  • There was a nice package at 795 euros for two,  including 4 course dinner, accommodation, wine, coffee, pre-dinner drinks and breakfast but it didn’t provide that much of a saving as we’d rather let our wine expert friend choose the wine and we all went for the 7 course degustation menu
  • That being said we were very happy to have stayed at their 4 star hotel accommodation. We had a lovely experience with a few extras and only needed a big room at 215 euros to comfortably fit the 4 of us. Read my review on the Maison Lameloise Hotel.
  • Dress code: smart casual, no suit jacket needed but collar shirt for men. For us ladies, it’s such a pleasure to dress up to dine out!
  • My only disappointment was the Sommelier. He wasn’t very expansive: when my friend asked: “do you scout the region to discover new wines and estates?” the guy answered “yes.”full stop. I was thinking in my head  “and ?????”


3 Michelin star ice cream at la Lameloise
Kids Vanilla Ice Cream by Eric Pras, 3 Michelin star chef
kids friendly 3 Michelin star restaurant in Bourgundy
Kids’ enjoying dessert at La Lameloise
Private dining room at La Lameloise 3 start Michelin Restaurant in Burgundy
Private dining room at Lameloise with plenty of room for prams, strollers and high chair. The blue thing over my head is a pram footmuff!!!
La Lameloise 3 start Michelin Restaurant in Burgundy
Meat cutting service at your plate


  •  36 place d’armes – F-71150 Chagny en Bourgogne – That’s near Beaune and only 3 and a half hour drive from Zurich!
  • email: – Stephanie was the one at reception who kindly helped us find the right accommodation for our need and budget
  • Tel: +33 (0)3 85 876 565
  • Opening hours for fine dining: you can book a week ahead on their website. My friend booked 2 months ahead for the 11 of us (6 adults and 5 children)

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  2. Waht an incredible experience. I’m very surprised to hear that a 3* place caters for children so well, I really never expected it and I don’t suppose there are many others that do. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance, I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    1. Hi Phoebe,
      thank you again for the Link up opportunity, what a great idea. I managed to update the linkage at the end of the post so more connoisseurs can read more about what France has to offer.

    1. Hi the Beeslybuzz
      oh how As Noma? Agree kids that age can appreciate if we explain it to them. I made sure he realises what made that restaurant a 3 star one including the service, the decor, the food presentation and the taste.
      Let me go and check out your blog!

  3. I came over here from the All About France link-up. You are a braver person than I to go to a Michelin 3-star restaurant with kids, but it sounds like it went well! I’m amazed to hear they give doggy bags, although the concept does seem to slowly be known and practiced in some restaurants here in France.

    1. Hello Betty!
      Thank you for passing by! Yes looks like doggy bags are getting less frown upon in France nowadays. What are you doing in Aveyron? It is indeed la France profonde!

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