Zurich fashion must have: Ugg boots Australia

Ugg boots

It’s finally snowing in Zurich!!!

Snow in Zurich
Snow in Zurich – view from the kids room window

Can’t help but write my first fashion post as I’ve been enjoying these so much since I arrived in Zurich.

As a farewell gift when I left Sydney, I received a pair of Ugg boots Australia of course! My, do I love them! When the temperature dropped below 5 I was already enjoying the softness and comfort of those beauties. I was a bit worried about the skin getting damaged by humidity though.

Aqua stop makes your Ugg boots water resistant
Aqua stop makes your Ugg boots water resistant

Well, I use a waterproof spray for leather and was even able to walk in deep powder snow. Couldn’t miss this very unique moment yesterday when my Australian born boys discover snow for the first time in their lives!

Style wise, one might argue it’s very Britney-wearing-them-in-summer-2000’s. I don’t care, I find they make my legs look skinny, go with any winter outfit (except dresses and skirts  ut who wears them when it’s snowing), they are super light, I just love them (and the girlfriends who gave them to me!)


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  2. I found your blog via facebook ‘Mums and Mums-to-be in Zurich. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Consider me your newest follower 🙂
    Although we are now primarily based in the UK my husbands job has taken him back to Zurich so we (my daughter and I) plan to spend the school holidays in the city. Maybe our paths will cross? Keep up the blogging xx

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