Aupres du clocher, restaurant in Pommard, Burgundy France

Aupres du Clocher Pommard

During that week end in Burgundy where we were piling up the Michelin stars, we went wine tasting.

Just to be clear, Manu and my friends enjoyed the wine tasting, whilst I volunteered to be on babysitter duty (so I wouldn’t have to be later at dinner at the 3* restaurant, how evil!). On the flip side I had very cute pictures of the kids playing outside.

Aupres du clocher Pommard Bourgogne
Where is Wally?


For lunch we stayed in Pommard and headed to Aupres Du Clocher near the church of the village . Aupres Du Clocher was the nice surprise of the week-end. We were surprised because we were not expecting such good food and such light in the room on a gloomy day like this. The menu was all made of seasonal produces just like what we had the night before at Chapeau Rouge like snails (the famous escargots de Bourgogne), celeriac, epoisse cheese.

Aupres du Clocher Pommard decor
Warm and cosy autumn decor

What I liked

  • The decor: massive window with a view on the village bringing lots of light to the room
  • French provincial decoration
  • the Chef’s signature dish: Epoisse mousse (with gingerbread croutons at the bottom to balance it with something sweet) with Epoisse cheese on toasted baguette. The Chef, Jean Christophe Moutet, used to be 2IC at the 3* restaurant La Lameloise so the food is really fresh and tasty, no fuss.
  • The price: the 3 course Saison Menu was only 26 euros! But with wine, water and coffee it went up to 47 euros per adult.


Amuse bouche including gougere
Amuse bouche including gougere – cheese flavoured puff
soupe d escargots de Bourgogne
Snail soup
Signature dish: Creme d epoisse
Signature dish: Creme d epoisse


What I didn’t like

  • the service is definitely not a Michelin star one as I had to pour water for everyone. Apart from that, it was pretty smooth
  • the website is in French only so if you have any question, just ask in the comment section and I can translate or answer based on our experience.


Aupres du clocher restaurant

  • 1 rue de Nackenheim, 21630 Pommard – Pommard is near Beaune, 40 min south of Dijon through the highway
  • tel. +33 (0)3 80 22 21 79
  • they don’t seem to have an email address, bookings are made on the phone or via snail mail (Burgundy style I suppose!)
  •  in French though
  • Opening hours: lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday – closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Aupres du clocher, restaurant in Pommard, Burgundy France”

  1. You eat at the most amazing restaurants Thien Lan, I’m salivating over the thought of the signature dish with époisse, one of my favourite cheeses. The price of this meal seems very reasonable. Thanks for linking up again #AllAboutFrance

    1. Hi there, seems you’re in that area so you can book and go back with little hassle.
      THanks for popping by through #allaboutfrance and enjoy that beautiful region!
      You might have you own view on the other restaurants I’ve reviewed in the region? La Lameloise and Chapeau rouge 🙂

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