Clouds, bistro with a view in Zurich

table with a view at Clouds Bistro Zurich

Date lunches are back! We originally planned to use our Groupon deal at Chez Brigitte but when we rang to book we had a voicemail message suggesting they were closed and their website is down too…

So, plan B. One of my friend from dance class had asked if I’d been to Clouds in Prime Tower. So there we went.

Clouds Bistro and Restaurant in Prime Tower Zurich
Clouds Bistro and Restaurant in Prime Tower Zurich

Prime Tower is the tallest building in Zurich with its 36 storey, measuring 156 meters height (for more Trivia material: Tour Montparnasse in Paris is 210 meters with 59 storey). We parked like last time when we went to Ly’s Asia, right next to the Tower for 3 CHF an hour.

When you enter the tower, it’s quite classy as you go up the stairs, hit reception which provides a complimentary cloakroom service and then up again to the very top. There are a couple of sections up there: Restaurant, Bar, Fumoir (smoking room) and Bistro. We went to the latter.

As you enter the room, the view is just breathtaking! Wow! We were not lucky enough to be there on a sunny day or at sunset but it was still so worth it!

Mountains and Lake Zurich, the magic view from Clouds Bistro
Mountains and Lake Zurich, the magic view from Clouds Bistro

Then the lunch menu was surprisingly affordable: 25 CHF including a starter (salad or soup) and a main. I was more inspired by the lamb shank with polenta and veggies (25 CHF) and hubby went for the burger (29 CHF). We were disappointed. My polenta was too cheesy, my meat a bit dry and not hot enough, the red wine juice was too overpowering. The veggies were ok. The burger’s sauce was nice but they didn’t cook the steak rare as required. Hubby didn’t like the chunky fries, he prefers shoestring ones. I liked the paprika seasoning.

Burger at Clouds Bistro Zurich
Burger and fries at Clouds Bistro
Lamb shank, in a red winde jus, polenta and vegetables
Lamb shank, in a red wine jus, polenta and vegetables


(See how the pictures come out great? It’s because there was so much light, even on a cloudy day!)

What we liked

  • THE VIEW. Big time. We’ll go back for drinks when we have visitors. Perfect place to dress up and feel sexy too.
  • Service, quite nice and efficient. Great service at the bottom of the tower with free cloakroom service.
  • Decor: comfy with a mix of tables, bar and stools and couches and lounges. Watch out, the chair on the table next to us had a broken leg and the patron fell on the floor!

What we didn’t like

  • Food, disappointing flavours.
  • Parking: 3 CHF an hour is expensive by Zurich standard, and we where lucky to find a spot. Not sure it would be that simple at night time
  • Music: 90’s loungey music that reminds me of massage rooms in fancy hotels 😉

OMG, just saw their Thursday After Work offer on their website: DJ and Tapas from 5.30pm at the Bistro. Sounds really cool! And their Brunch offer (Urban breakfast) on week ends 10am to 4pm looks hot too!

TIP: the Bistro and Restaurant face Lake Zurich, impressive train rails, Hongg and its small mountains and the snowy Alps in the back. The Fumoir and Bar face the other way (North West) so the view might not be as nice: view on the Nord Ring anyone?



Clouds Bistro, Maagplatz • 5 • 8005 Zurich (Kreis 5, Hardbrucke area, Prime Tower)

  • Website: 
  • Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 9am – 11pm,  Fri: 9am – 1am,  Sat: 10am – 1am, Sun: 10am-11pm
  • Tel: 044 404 30 00
  • Parking: Zahnradstrasse, in front of Ly’s Asia, 3 CHF an hour
  • Map

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