Rolli’s Steakhouse review, Oerlikon Zurich

Rolli's steakhouse Zurich

My husband got a good deal for a hygienist treatment on Groupon. It was in Oerlikon so we decided to have lunch there beforehand and picked Rolli’s steakhouse based on the good ratings on Google.

Rolli's steakhouse Zurich

The decor is typical of a steakhouse with red leather like seats, motorbike signs etc… we could see  people enjoying the sun at the terrasse and had a peek at their hot stones:  the smell was so tempting! It was still a bit chilly outside so took a table indoors. It felt clean and warm.


Rolli's steakhouse Zurich

We both picked the Beef Rib Eye on hot stone daily lunch special , which came with a salad as starter for only 24.50CHF (instead of their Entrecote starting from the high thirties a la carte).
The salad was fine BUT then I chewed on something unchewable and it turned out to be a piece of plastic wrap!!!
I told the waitress and the manager came to apologise and brought me another salad. I felt sorry for them. The plastic was like glad wrap and really looked like some salad leaf, so easy to miss but still…

Then we had our meat which was tender, juicy, grilled to perfection. It comes with a non heated stone so if you didn’t want the meat to keep cooking you could place it there. I liked the fries too as they were seasoned with paprika.

Rolli's Steakhouse Zurich

At the end I was expecting a slight discount off the bill and there wasn’t. I felt disappointed, now I know they apologised and were genuinely sorry about it and the steak was really tasty. So would I go back?

Should I recommend the place or leave a bad review? What would you do?

Perhaps if I had paid full price for the Rib Eye instead of the daily menu deal then yes, I would have been less lenient?

3 thoughts on “Rolli’s Steakhouse review, Oerlikon Zurich”

  1. Tellement typiquenent suisse de s’excuser sans faire de rabais. Alors qu’offrir la boisson ou le café ne coûte rien.
    J’y suis déjà aller 1 fois et oui le rapport qualité prix de la viande est imbattable à zurich et ils le savent…

  2. Je n’aime pas faire ce genre de généralités mais vu les prix pratiqués, il ya un gros potentiel d’amélioration au niveau du service en général. Alors qu’au niveau de la qualité de la nourriture, on est rarement déçu je trouve, c’est jamais immangeable.

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