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moving out of Zurich

Goodbye Zürich

Funny our packing and moving is happening on a Thursday! The modem is soon getting unplugged and you’ll hear from me… very soon as I’ll be posting on the move (literally!) through 4G hehe. So make sure you follow my Facebook page to get the latest exclusive updates and more puns!

It’s pretty busy right now as the removalists are packing it all up. By the way, looks like “removalist” is an Aussie word? How do you call them in the US or UK?

Thank you to all the friends who came to say goodbye and helping in this hectic time.

For those who are just joining the blog here’s where we’re moving and why!

10 crazy things I did in Switzerland

It’s been an amazing 11 months in Zürich where we got to push ourselves and experience some crazy things, here are 10 that coes to mind:

  1. both quitting our jobs and living without income for 6 months in the most expensive city in the world
  2. re-inventing myself and start my own business
  3. be a single working mum with no help on week days for 4 months
  4. performing two dance shows in front of more than 300 people (ok that’s not that new to me for those who have been knowing me since the 90’s)
  5. skiing without helmets (hadn’t skied for years and didn’t realise it was almost compulsory now)
  6. going through our 4th house move in 4 years
  7. enjoying living near the forest (unreal for a city girl like me). I’m going to miss it so much. Smelling all the pine and green leaves aromas through the windows and balconies of our apartment makes me quite upset.
  8. paying 5.6 CHF = 5.6 Euros = 6 USD = 8 AUD for a coke zero at the pub and 6 CHF for a Chai latte (although this is part of point 1)
  9. starting this blog and sticking to publishing a good quality post (I hope) every Thursday
  10. asking for drinking straws in Swiss German: ein Ruerli bitte! (rolling “R” required)

What unexpected things did you do in Switzerland and what did you miss the most when you moved?


Just thought about another one: eating raclette cheese on fruits!

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