We’re in the Wall Street Journal!

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Massive credit to my friend Christine Knight Thomas, a talented writer who guest starred and shared about her career change in this blog last year.

How did it come about?

We met last decade through common blogger friends, in particular Beverly who I worked with at eBay in Sydney. We kept in touch as we had a lot in common: the passion for Tiffany jewelry, writing and blogging, small children and parenting, traveling and living overseas.

On this last topic, Christine kindly asked if she could interview me to write a piece about expat life with young children and of course I said yes! I provided some pictures too. But never I would have expected one of my pictures to be the main feature of an article on the Wall Street Journal’s blog!

I’m very proud of this picture as it’s been taken in one the most visited landmark in Oslo, Vigeland’s Park whose name come from artist Vigeland who made more than 200 sculptures for the park back in the middle of the 20th century. Funny Christine also picture our family as serial expats since we never thought of ourselves that way.

Read the full article here


PS: since, Arthur made friends, phew! Now his main challenge is to learn Norwegian!!!

Feel free to share tips on how to teach Norwegian to 7 year old when they don’t attend a local school and no one in the family speaks it natively?


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