November in Oslo: how cold is it and what to wear?

November in Oslo

What’s the weather like in Oslo in November?

People here in Oslo are very friendly. Locals and expats alike always ask how I’m settling in. When I tell them it’s been great they all say: “Wait until the winter comes”. It’s totally Games of Thrones here and we’re in that episode where we see it coming:

  • Much darkest days: it’s pitch black when I wake up at 7.30am, it’s pitch black when I leave the office and pick up the kids at 4.30pm.
  • Much colder days: it’s already subzero degrees. There’s been a bit of snow on Monday morning but it soon turned in to rain and then ice the following days.
  • Much more gray days: and when there’s light, the sun is hidden by those gray and gloomy clouds

We are fortunate the Christmas lights are up… so here is what it looks like a 4.30pm!

November in Oslo

What to wear in Oslo in November?


For the first time I’m wearing thermals under my skinny jeans. If I have to wear thermal pants might as well look good over it, not wearing it under… tracksuit pants!

So I got those thermal pants and long sleeve T shirt from Uniqlo Heattech collection in Paris. Unfortunately it’s not available in Oslo. Even in Paris I had to travel almost an hour to find the store who stocks children clothes in Beaugrenelle.


Geeky Hubby found these gloves with soft fleece lining on the inside and three fingers on each hand that works on smartphones touch screen! Found on At first I laughed at him but now that it’s minus 6 degrees when I go to dance class, I’m happy I can browse on my phone while waiting for the bus. Plus it’s featuring a classic traditional Norwegian pattern 🙂

Gloves for smartphones


I already wrote about my Ugg boots. They keep your feet really warm even when it’s minus 6 and you’re wearing normal socks. Love them! Now when it’s going to rain tomorrow I might wear my gumboots with Heattech socks. We’ll talk again next month when we have to walk on snow and ice…


I got this Tommy Hilfiger down jacket last year in Zürich. The sales lady promised it could keep me warm down to -10 degrees. So far so good. The length prevents any wind or cold from sneaking in between the top of your pants and the bottom of your top. It zips up to under my nose so I haven’t felt the need to wear a scarf yet.


That’s a must have, Below 5 degrees I don’t step outside without my beanie. Even a 8-9 degrees with winds requires a beanie for me.

November in Oslo

How many layers do you need to wear?

Today was minus 6 so I had 4 layers on the top part of my body:

  1. Heattech short sleeve T shirt
  2. Cashmere turtleneck jumper
  3. Business Jacket
  4. Outdoor down Jacket

What do children wear in Oslo in November

The first weeks in November, it was raining tree leaves. Leaves everywhere in all colours, it was just beautiful. Then the leaves get mixed to the rain and turn into muddy mud! So you definitely need a Regndress = all waterproof rain overall.

Then it gets cold so they wear Vinterdress = warm outdoors overall suit or a down jacket and ski pants with their normal clothes underneath.

I tend to also make them 3 layers under the outdoor down jacket:

  1. long sleeve polo shirt or long sleeve Heattech T shirt
  2. cotton or wool jumper
  3. polar fleece cardigan

It’s quite tricky because it’s quite warm in the class room or my other son often has indoors sports activity so I’d rather he wear a short sleeve T shirt or polo short as a first layer. Can’t do the Heattech underwear.

November in Oslo

How cold is it indoors?

At home

We live in a 1901 historical building, Haussman style. There’s not central heating but one fireplace in the kitchen, one electric heater in the entrance at the opposite end of the unit and that’s it. We bought another oil heater to move around the place wherever we hand out, and hot water bottles to heat up beds or the sofa while watching TV. It’s definitely the time when I think about the snuggies or slanket (blankets with sleeves!!!) which were so popular back circa 2008…We also have a fair bit of candles for the cosiness but they don’t do much heat wise 😉

November in Oslo

In the office, at school at the shops…

it’s pretty warm. Grocery stores are ok but clothing stores like H&M are way to warm to feel comfortable with your beanie and your winter jacket on. I found it was the same in Paris: way too hot to shop!

So what do we do in November in Oslo?

Some serious cooking, birthday parties and … play bowling! Can’t believe how crowded was the bowling down the road with hourly turnover!


  • for the first time I use a hair dryer on the kids
  • for the first time I’m wearing thermal pants under normal clothes, not just for skiing
  • for the first time our family makes do without a car!

stay tuned for more…

6 thoughts on “November in Oslo: how cold is it and what to wear?”

    1. I can’t wait to test my Norwegian with you. Småprat! 🙂 Yeah I’m sarting to master the art of adaption, no choice really so might as well make the most out of it and with a huge sense of humour 😉 Ikke sant?

  1. Wow… Sounds cold and dark. While you brave the cold, we are experiencing heatwaves. At times I’d prefer the cold and snow over heat as its so uncomfortable and tiring. Love how the Xmas lights are out. Looks very Christmasy!

  2. Ça fait toujours très plaisir de te lire et de voir que vous vous adaptez bien chez les vikings 🙂
    C’est vrai que même à zürich où il fait quand même assez froid, pas encore eu à utiliser de sous-vêtements de ski…

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