Come for a tour of Oslo as I make my way to work

Norway Prime Minister Residence

It’s -16 degrees today. It’s a first for me and my family: we never experienced colder weather.

As we speak, my new winter widget on the right hand side of this post ->>>>> (or down the page if you’re on a mobile device) indicates it’s -18 degrees! Celsius, of course!

However, the sun is rising and the colours are beautiful. So what I’d like to do today, is to take you along with me on my way to work. That will give you a little feel of Oslo West as the locals call it.

  1. Walking northbound along Oscars Gate from the French School up to my office at the Oslo International Hub. The street is treated with salt and gravels so it’s not slippery. #nofilter

Oslo in the snow

2. Passing by a few embassies and quaint historical buildings like the Chile embassy in Oslo and the sun rising behind it.

Chile embassy in Oslo

3. On the tram 11 line we see an Italian flag on the left and straight ahead is the Norwegian Prime Minister’s residence. In this land of gender equality, the prime Minister is a woman and she’s called Erna Solberg. At the end of the street you enter the big Slottenpark where is located the King and Queen’s castle.

Norway Prime Minister Residence

4. I pass the office and walk up to the corner with Bogdstadveien. I want to see Olivia in the snow…and take a picture with my phone using the Far focus mode.

Olivia Trattoria Oslo

5. Next door to the office I see this old colourful stand alone house. Google Maps doesn’t indicate anything special so it must be a private residential house.

Tour of Oslo in the snow

6. And here is the Oslo International House, where the Oslo International Hub is hosted. This building celebrated it’s 150 years a few months ago!

Oslo International House

7. And as I go up the 3 flights of stairs to my desk, the sun has risen and here is the view from my window

Oslo in the snow

2 thoughts on “Come for a tour of Oslo as I make my way to work”

  1. Hei hei!
    I am a French friend of Cecilia, big big fan of Norway whre I love to go as often as I can… I love your description of Oslo in the winter the way I experienced it and love it (the snow on the opera, the frozen fjord…)
    I’ll come back here on your blog with great pleasure! And I would be pleased to give you some tips if you need!

    1. Hei Sophie
      Welcome to the blog! I’d love more tips about Oslo, definitely!
      At the moment I find it very depressing as the weather has been rainy with lots of wind! I can take some cold but not the wind!

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