Norwegian 101: learning from a 4 year old

Norwegian 101

My youngest son was 4 years old when arrived at the French school in Oslo last August. In his class most children have a Norwegian parents. Most children have been to the Norwegian barnehage (daycare) between 1 and 3 years old and speak Norwegian all day when playing together.

That’s how my son picked up Norwegian almost faster than when he was in a bilingual class at the French school in Zurich. He used to have 2.5 days in French and 2.5 days in German. I guess the 3 year old children were mainly speaking French to each other and even the German teacher wasn’t a native German speaker.

So the little one our the family is probably the best at Norwegian of us four. And this is what he brings home…

  • Urettferdig! –> it’s not fair!
  • Hva sjedd?   –> what happened?
  • Bæsj på hodet! –> poo on your head! Comes from the story of a little mole
  • Lurte deg!  –> tricked you!
  • Jeg vil ikke sover! –> I don’t want to sleep

How about you, what did you learn from your kids?

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