Sognsvann lake, Oslo, in Winter

sognsvann oslo

First time we discovered Sognsvann lake was last year in August. We could swim, pick up berries, have a picnic.

This winter we came back and it looks completely different. The lake is totally frozen, children and adults ice skate or play ice hockey on the lake. Many parents also come here with their strollers and skate around. It looks cool and so much easier than skating without support 😉

The light is absolutely beautiful (between 2 and 3.30pm) and everyone is happy and relaxed.

Norwegians love their outdoors, just like the Aussies and the Canadians. And shops are all closed on Sunday. sO every just catches the train from the city and goes direct to the forest, lakes or mountain.

I like to call this one “Song of Ice and Fire”

How to get to Sognsvann: T Bane train line 5 to Sognsvann! Easy peasy!

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