Work Life Balance, what’s right, what’s wrong? (talk/ video)

work life balance video

From the day I had my first child, I realized how important it was for me to spend time outside of work. Before that life event, I used to work long hours. If you love your job, no worries, but if you do things you don’t like or don’t get what motivates you (recognition, in my case), no good.

For half of my career I thought I had to take the bullet and felt really bad when I left a toxic manager. When you have strong work ethics and were raised to always try harder, you don’t know that it’s OK to want to stop. You think you’re not good enough, you think you’ve failed.

That’s why I shared my experience, backed by case studies to show it is OK to NOT want to prioritize career and money over family and things outside of work that you love.

The other half of the talk includes a panel with practical tips when you are a freelancer or a business owner.

Here is the video of my talk at Meet Magento New York late 2018.

For all the slides and more commentary, you can head to my work blog

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