Pinocchio, Spanish restaurant in Dubendorf (near Zurich)

Pinocchio s Fischsuppe

This is our absolute favourite as it’s yummy, cosy and close to home.

You’d expect an Italian restaurant with this name and front but it’s a delicious Spanish restaurant. If you like garlic, you’ll love their cuisine. We’ve been 3 times already and it’s becoming our canteen.

Pinocchio Dübendorf decor
Pinocchio Dübendorf decor

What we love:

  • the decor: it’s warm and homy with very low ceiling, wooden beams and older waiters wearing their black vests and white aprons skirts.
  • the food: everything is very tasty, seafood is big, fresh with lots of variety especially in their Fischsuppe. They also offer pasta, risotto, raviolis, meat and steaks etc…
  • the service: experienced waiters make you feel comfortable
  • value for money: they offer a 32 CHF lunch menu during the week including amuse bouche and dessert (the same for all guests on that day) plus one entree and one main that you get to choose among three.

If you like Paella, this is the place to go. It’s massive, I could only eat 2/3 of the pan and it’s delicious with softly cooked squid, chicken, mussels, prawns and fragrant rice. The paella is on the Friday menu.


Delicious Paella
Paella as a main in the Friday lunch menu. And there’s more in the pan!


Ristorante Pinocchio Perez & Lohaj

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