Ly’s Asia, Zurich

Lys Asia just behind Prime Tower

This time we wanted to visit the Viadukt and its hipster precinct for a change to our family friendly suburbs. My husband and I are unemployed at the moment so when the kids are at school we indulge in romantic lunches. I saw a picture of the impressive interior design of Ly’s Asia as well as their reasonably priced lunch menus so I thought we’d go and check it out.


Beautiful modern Asian inspired decor


What we loved

  • the decor: very high ceiling with huge industrial style glass windows, ceiling panel in a warm and pretty dark fuchsia with lots of little lights mimicking the stars
  • the service: it was quick and efficient. They provide a heated base to heat up your plate and main dishes. We were out in way less than an hour, which helps with the following point about parking…
  • Parking was available just outside the restaurant but the machine is very slow to spit out your ticket and it cost 3 CHF an hour!


  • wpid-wp-1417007452353.jpeg
    Plate heater and my husband paying on his phone


What was the food like?

  • the lunch menu was a soup or salad plus a main for between 19 and 25 CHF
  • the Tom Yum Soup was nice, slightly spicy and very tasty. Perfect for this cold weather.
  • the chicken curry as also nicely spiced with the balanced sweetness of coconut milk.
  • the deep fried duck was way too rich to our taste. Duck is always quite fatty so not a good idea to deep fry it.
  • the sashimi lunch menu sounded nice but this weather is much better for hot food!


Deep fried duck
Deep fried duck


It’s located just behind Prime Tower, the highest tower of Zurich (which always makes me smile having lived in New York, Sydney and even Paris with its Tour Montparnasse!), so I was perhaps a bit underdressed with my Ugg boots…

I’m not sure we’d come back or maybe at night for a banquet with friends. That lit up ceiling must be magnificent at night.

There’s also a mezzanine with a tainted glass window over looking the rest of the restaurant with some stairs leading to it. Looks like it’s Prime Dining, with private rooms and a dining experience for special occasions.



Ly’s Asia

  • Zahnradstrasse 21, 8005 Zürich (near Hardbrucke and Prime Tower in Kreis 5)
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday, 11 to 15 clock | 18 to 24 clock Saturday, 17 to 24 clock Sunday, 11 to 15 clock | 18 to 24 clock 

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