Asiaway, the best Asian restaurant in Zurich

Asiaway is THE way!

The name is not as appealing as “Saigon” or something related to Vietnam, but when we discovered it, we were totally sold!

We love it so much we recommend to everyone, whether you are familiar or not with Vietnamese Cuisine.

Asia Way, best vietnamese restaurant in Zurich


Asia way is our favorite restaurant (our being me, the husband and the kids) in Zurich because:

  • it has the freshest and most authentic Vietnamese food
  • the menu includes many dishes like banh cuon (steamed rolls filled with pork and mushroom), banh xeo (crispy pancakes filles with pork and prawns), bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle soup), beef or grilled prawns that you wrap yourself in rice paper, chicken wings, Bun mang vit (clear noodles with duck and bamboo shots), chao tom (sugar cane prawns) etc…
  • the drink menu also include the famous vietnamese coffee, hot or cold
  • it’s only 15 minutes drive from our place, conveniently located in the Oerlikon area (from Dubendorf, straight on Zurichstrasse all the way down, or through the highway)


Banh Xeo, crispy vietnamse pancake
Banh Xeo, crispy vietnamese pancake


And why do our kids love it?

  • the Pho (traditional beef noodle soup) is very tasty although it doesn’t have cooked beef, just the rare one, but you can have beef balls. Tip: I order one bowl with 2 small empty bowls for the kids to share
  • the  complimentary fortune cookies come with the bill but they often go and ask the waitresses for more. One side of the fortune is in English, the other is in German!
  • the drink menu: they can have coconut juice, lychee juice, soya milk (hot or cold) and a wide selection of tea
  • for smaller children there are high chairs and space for strollers

In fact it’s combined with an Asian supermarket (10% off on saturdays!) hence the selection of drinks.

Fortune cookies at Asia Way
Your fortune in German!


We’ve been to this restaurant at least 6 times since we arrive in Zurich and have never been disappointed. On a saturday night I’d make sure I call to book a table just in case. You can tell it’s a tasty place because the patron are mainly Asian, some locals, some with american accents, and lots of mixed couples like us with beautiful eurasian kids, and it’s hardly ever empty.

Health wise, vietnamese food is fresh and full of herbs. I particularly recommend having Pho during winter as the ginger and spices like cinnamon and star anis that make the broth so fragrant warms up your body.


Pho tai, Vietnamese traditional beef noodle soup at Asiaway, best Asian restaurant in Zurich
Pho tai, Vietnamese traditional beef noodle soup



Where is it and when can I go?


  • Schwamendingenstrasse 10, 8050 Zürich (almost at the corner with Schaffhauserstrasse) – Map here
  • phone: 044 310 8008: they speak perfect English and German too
  • email:
  • Opening hours for the restaurant: Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm and 5.30pm to 10pm, Saturday all day from 11am to 10m, closed on Sunday.
  • NEW! Parking Tip: indoor car park right next door on Schwamendingenstrasse, 2Fr an hour

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  1. Went back last Monday and tried their Bun Rieu (Crab meat noodle soup), it was divine! I’ve never seen it in any other restaurant before.

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