Tribute to Lindt Cafe Sydney

Having spent 11 years of my life in Sydney, and being now in Switzerland, home to Lindt & Sprungli, I couldn’t help but pay tribute to what happened in Sydney earlier this week.

It’s especially close to my heart as I used to walk through Martin Place twice a day, on my way to and back from work for the last 12 months I lived there. Hundreds of my friends and work mates were in the area on that day and I’m grateful they are all safe. I feel really sad for what happened though.

The response from Lindt through all their social media channel was considerate and thoughtful. It seems like a great company (no relation with the fact that my landlord work for Sprungli) but, to go back to the more vain food topic, for some reason, their hot chocolate in Sydney always made me feel dizzy. Too much sugar perhaps. Instead I would choose coffee from all the vibrant and proud coffee scene in Sydney. To be exact, I would order a Soy Mocha, yup if you used to work with me, you’d remember that. Nice frothy soy milk (I discovered I was lactose intolerant, I have my theories on Asian and dairy), a shot of coffee, mixed with chocolate et voila!

Couldn’t find frothy milk type of coffee here in Zurich. Let alone soy milk! I have to make do with good old watery Cappuccinos. Best I could do was a “cafe melange”at Hotel Schweizerhof’s Cafe Gourmet, where I asked the waiter for coffee with chocolate powder and whipped cream. And how about babycinos for our kids?

So if you’re in the know and there happens to be an underground scene in Zurich (Gold Coast) with latte art, please share your secret…It will be my shout 🙂


Picture by Cameron Crichton
Latte Art – Picture by Cameron Crichton



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