Il Faro Grotto, Romantic Italian Restaurant in Dubendorf (Zurich)

Il Faro Grotto near the military museum in Dubendorf

Ok guys, I know I raved about Pinocchio but I’ve got a new local restaurant crush with Il Faro. Not the one on Zurichstrasse but the Grotto one, hidden near the military airport.

Enter the room and you feel like in a Michelin star restaurant with fabric table clothes, warm yellow light coming from the church like windows, wooden beams, candelabras, classy waiters in whole black suits and the dessert trolley! The crowd was mainly men having business lunch.

Il Faro Grotto Dubendorf restaurant room decor
Where s wally?

There’s an old style bar next to the restaurant that you can book for your private function.

Mains are around 40-50 CHF but we picked the lunch menu of the day. There were two to choose from so one of each.

Menu 1, price: 25 CHF

  • Amuse-bouche: Bruschetta
  • Entree: Salmon creamy soup with butter crouton
  • Main: Spaghetti with scallops
Bruschetta at Il Faro
Bruschetta, pretty flatware and cutlery
Salmon creamy soup at Il Faro Grotto
Salmon creamy soup
Spaghetti and scallops at Il Faro
Spaghetti and scallops – Picture taken with natural light coming through the room
Tiramisu at Il Faro

Menu 2, price 28.5 CHF

  • Amuse-bouche: Bruschetta
  • Entree: salad of rocket, pineapple, kiwi and prawns
  • Main: Pistachio crusted fish with rice and sauteed spinach
Pineapple Kiwi Prawn and Rocket salad at Il Faro
Pineapple Kiwi Prawn and Rocket salad at Il Faro
Pistachio crusted fish, wild rice and spinach
Pistachio crusted fish, wild rice and spinach

Dessert: 11.5 CHF to choose from the trolley, topped with a few pieces of fresh fruit

  • creme brulee
  • tiramisu
  • brownies
  • suppa inglesia (chocolate and vanilla pudding)
  • chocolate mousse
  • cappuccino mousse
  • creme caramel
  • panna cotta
waiter preparing dessert from the dessert trolley
Waiter preparing my dessert
brownies, creme caramel, panna cotta and more
Close up on the brownies, creme caramel, panna cotta and more

All up the bill was 90 CHF including 2 desserts, one expresso, a glass of white wine and a small bottle of sparkling water. I always drink tap water.


how they bring the bill at Il Faro Grotto Dubendorf
What’s in the box?…and that s the bill…

What we loved

  • decor: classic chic style with pretty flatware and cutlery
  • service: waiters were available, very polite and helpful
  • food:¬†overall fresh, tasty and well presented in perfect portion sizes.
    • the salmon soup tasted like the classic fish soup with lots of garlic. yum.
    • the scallops with the spaghetti were perfectly seared, slightly raw. tHe spaghetti were al dente, with a chewy texture making me wonder if they were home made. First I though I wouldn’t have enough to eat but the plate is a bit deeper than expected so the amount of pasta was just right
    • tiramisu was creamy, maybe too creamy so I had to order my expresso to have at the same time
    • Manu’s salad was very fresh (of course I tasted all of his dishes), would be a wonderful summer dish
    • Manu’s pistachio crusted fish was fun in texture but still very soft.
    • Manu ordered a tiny spoon of chocolate mousse just to have a little taste and it was really nice. I could taste full cream and good quality chocolate maybe with a hint of coffee to make the chocolate a bit bitter and intense.
  • TIP for parents: there is a big clean change table in the ladies toilet
  • parking: they have their own dedicated parking behind the main building, easy and free

What we didn’t like

  • the spaghetti and scallops were a little bit too salty and I only had a couple of scallops: 2 or 3 ūüôĀ

We’d like to go back and try the other daily menus. We felt great, comfy and romantic in that place. Hey, they have a Valentine’s Day special.

Il Faro Grotto

Details: Il Faro Grotto Restaurant

  • Address:¬†Wangenstrasse 59 –¬†8600 D√ľbendorf
  • Opening hours: everyday¬†of the week form 11am to midnight. Limited choice of hot meals between 2 and 5pm.
  • Website:¬†
  • Phone:¬†044 821 61 64
  • Parking: free dedicated parking with at least 30 spots
  • Map:

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