Where to find the best cakes in Zurich?

Simply macarons best cakes in Zurich, Switzerland

I’m French, so I know my desserts, in particular cakes and pastries. I’m Asian so I know what’s good too!

In Sydney we found a couple of French style bakeries like Victoire in Cammeray and Darlinghurst, La Renaissance in the Rocks and later La Boulangerie in Maroubra Junction shopping centre, minutes from the Official French school.

Here, in Dubendorf we don’t have much choice near our place. One chain is called Hotz and I bought a cake once, it was 40 to 49 CHF and it was really heavy. In our village up the hill, there is beautiful shop. We all wished it was a cafe/ bakery but it’s a pet accessories shop. Love the name though: Sniffany & Co, LOL!

So where do I find exquisite delightful cakes? With Simply Macaron.

I met Liliane at an Entrepreneurs event, in fact she was kind enough to have us at her place and made these macarons with the Autumn theme. She sure knows how to dress a table!

Simply Macarons, best cakes in Zurich

Simply Macarons, best cakes in Zurich

Her macarons are really soft. Much softer than the local Sprungli Luxemburgerli because she uses more almond meal and less flour. Her inspiration is typically French with Chefs like Pierre Hermé being one of her favourite.

Then I had the privilege to try her traditional Christmas logs, which is usually sponge cake with various flavour mousse or cream and a all around topping. I had brought them to an event and all my friends were impressed about the mirror glazing technique but also by the taste. You would think being in Switzerland, chocolate cakes would be nice. Well think again! The chocolate they use for baking is not as intense and bitter as what the French use.

But my favourite was really this below, super light and fresh with well blended flavours: Rose, Lychee, Almond and Raspberry. The balance was just perfect and so was the texture.

Simply Macarons, best cakes in Zurich

So in the same spirit, I ordered a cake to bring to a dinner party. I first asked for a “fraisier”, traditional strawberry cake but Liliane was worried the strawberries are not in seasons and therefore the fruit wouldn’t be sweet and intense enough. So we went with pear Charlotte… ta daa….

Simply Macarons, best cakes in Zurich

Simply Macarons, best cakes in Zurich


Is it expensive? I don’t really think so:

  • Macarons: 1.80 CHF each, in Sydney they were 2.70 to 3 AUD each
  • Cake: 6/7 CHF per person so the Pear Charlotte cost me 49CHF for 8 people
  • Decorated Birthday cakes seems quite reasonable too. Check out her Gallery with Barbie cakes starting from 100CHF (When they’d cost 300+ AUD in Sydney)


Simply Macaron

  • Website: http://www.simply-macarons.ch/
  • Phone: +41 76 422 12 44 
  • Opening hours: simply send her an email and order your cake
  • Where to pick up the cake: Near Oerlikon/ Schwamendigen
  • Timing: she makes he cakes fresh on the day. Probably look at a couple days so she can source the best ingredients for you



You’re very lucky, Liliane is the caterer for a complimentary afternoon tea at a kids cloth shop THIS THURSDAY 12 FEBRUARY. Come between 3.30pm and 5pm and you get to try macarons, chocolate eclairs, chouquettes and Bordeaux Cannelés, fresh fruits and hot and cold drinks.

See you at Sussigkleid Kinder Boutique, Wartstrasse 2 – Zurich 3032

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  1. Oh thank you Thien Lan for your feedback, I always enjoy making desserts for you. Hope to please you with more sweeties next Thursday.

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