Oven grilled honey duck breast recipe

Duck breast recipe

What’s for dinner? This is a series that I’m happy to do, almost real time with a few pics and a couple of instructions as my recipes are very simple. They appeal to my kids so I hope it will help and inspire you to vary the menu as this question will never come to an end: what’s for dinner tonight?

Let’s start with duck breast (magret de canard). My 6 year old son has always loved duck, especially peking duck. It’s our date week-end as his dad and brother are out of town.

How to cook duck breast?

We had tried a couple of ways to cook duck breast:

  • BBQ: it caught on fire because of the amount of fat
  • Pan fried: it is soaking in the fat, you need to let it drip out somewhere

So oven is the best option! Tadaa!

I googled the roasting time and oven temperature, good news, it only takes 25 minutes all up!

  • 15 minutes with the skin up at 250C degrees (480 F)
  • 10 minutes on the other side at 180C degrees (350F)

What are the 8 simple steps to cook duck breast to perfection?

This is what I did

  1. Take a duck breast (10 CHF at Coop or Migros in Zurich, less in France)
  2. Make a few cuts on the skin (I did some criss cross)

Duck breast recipes3. season with rock salt on the skin and honey on both side

Duck breast recipes4. place in the hot oven with a sheet of foil in the bottom tray to protect it from all the fat and (sticky) honey dripping down

5. there was way too much smoke coming out of my oven with the fat dripping and the honey burning so I placed a second sheet of foil on top of the first one

6. turn it over and lower the oven temperature to 180C

Duck breast recipes7. I turned off the oven after 6 minutes as there was way too much smoke and let it in another 4 minutes with the door slightly open

This is how pink and juicy it turned out. Hmmmm just perfect

Duck breast recipes8. Slice it for the kids

Bon appetit!


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