10th Anniversary lunch at Waldmannsburg Panoramic Restaurant, Dübendorf

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review

My husband is now working overseas and he came back home on Thursday 7th May as it was our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We decided to celebrate the next day over lunch while the kids are at school so we could enjoy family time the evening before. We had heard of a nice restaurant walking distance from our place called Waldmannsburg and my husband had already seen it during one of his running/ walking trip around the area. So we went.

The VOTE!!!

Now 10 years’ marriage doesn’t come with its ups and down, arguments and bets! I used my best shot as the feature image of this blog post but who is defying me? Hubby!

He’s very proud he could capture the fountain as a backdrop when I chose to capture the decor of the terrasse. Now you need to vote and let me know which one you prefer! If I win, I’ll let him know and do the victory dance the whole week-end when he’s back and will send him victory dance emoticons on hand out during the week. If he wins… he’ll never know a dn that will be his punishment for not reading my blog! Muhahahah! But I know you guys like to be honest with me and even tease me for fun so time to vote (either in the comment section below or on Thien Lan’s blog’s Facebook page).

Both pictures were taken with the “near focus” mode of my Samsung GalaxyS5 by the way!

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review
Hubby’s pic where you cant even read the full name of the wine!
Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review
My pic with the pretty decor and full legible wine name 😉

Pic me Pic me (pun intended)!

Now that you’ve made the RIGHT choice, let’s continue the story…

The journey through Swiss landscapes in spring

It’s amazing how just a couple of months ago it was all covered in snow and now all the trees grew back their vibrant green leaves and flowers are in bloom (and so is my hay fever – sneeze-).

It was a beautiful day and we walked across the village through to Geeren and from there we started going down through the forest, pass a hidden waterfall then down to a place where you could enjoy a fantastic view over Dübendorf only 20 minutes from Zurich old town.

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review


Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review


Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf

The Waldmannsburg Restaurant

The restaurant is in one of those cute traditional houses but the decor is very much my style: gilded mirrors, French provincial furniture, flowers etc…Waldmannsburg means the little town of the forest men. There you go!

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review

We had booked an hour ahead and got a table on the beautiful and charming terrasse where we ordered some celebratory drinks: a herb apero for my husband and some Moscato for me!

It wasn’t too crowded but still quite busy for a Friday lunch in the countryside of Zurich city. Most of the tables seemed to be business lunches with parties of 6 or more. The decor is really well thought through with stripy chair covers matching the awning and double set of tale clothes. See picture far below.


Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review


We could enjoy the peaceful sound of the fountain nearby, what a lovely setting!


Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf

We came back on a Sunday and got a table at the terrasse on the other side of the house just below these trees…

Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf

and that was the view…

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review

The food

We went à la carte, mix and matching with a few elements of the lunch menu with specials of the day.

Entrees/ Starters:

  • Beef tartare infused with Calvados spirit for my hubby. It’s Tartare Season at Waldmannsburg right now so they offer you  beef tartare with a wide combination of spirits: whiskey, calvados, cognac etc…They serve it with extra hot sauce on the side if you wish, no fries though when you order them as an entree and not a main 🙁
  • Caesar salad for me, classic Aussie dish. Nice and fresh, perfect for spring

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review

Waldmannsburg Dubendorf Restaurant Review



  • Duo of lamb for hubby
  • Calves liver with very buttery veggies for me (usually served with Rosti – grated potato cake- but I’m not a fan).
Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf
Lamb two ways with gratin dauphinois and veggies
Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf
Calves liver


Dessert and service

Loved the Happy Anniversary message and candles brought along with dessert. The Maitre d’O or what looks like the the owners of the place came to shake our hands and congratulate us. That was really sweet.

  • Pineapple and basilic sorbet. Tat can only be homemade and the combination of flavours was perfect with the freshness of the texture.
  • Grand Marnier souffle glace was more of a vanilla ice cream with lots of Grand Marnier inside than a real baked souffle so hubby was disappointed.

Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf

Waldmannsburg restaurant review dubendorf


The Bill

Approx 240 CHF with rough splits of:

  • 80 for the St Emilion wine that was so good and already poured in a carafe that hubby felt he had to finish it all (I drank one glass tops)
  • 60 CHF for Moscato plus salad plus main plus dessert plus coffee
  • 100 CHF for hubby’s apero plus tartare plus main plus dessert

Would we go back? Yes!

  • Loved the service and the nice gesture with our anniversary
  • Loved the terrasse, the view, the decor
  • The food is tasty. Not overly refined but good enough so we can enjoy the whole experience
  • We can walk there from our home

In fact, we did go back with friends last week-end and best of all there is a playground to keep the kids busy between courses!

Last before all the details: my Asian glow! #nofilter

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All the details:

Waldmannsburg Restaurant

  • Peter Aegerter and Ruedi Frei
    Dübelstein CH-8600 Dübendorf
  • www.waldmannsburg.ch
  • Phone +41043355 10 00 info@waldmannsburg.ch
  • Opening times: 11.30 to 24.00 clock from Wednesday to Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday)
  • Annual closing:
    05th October to 11th October 2015

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