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Groupon Lunch deal

As you know, Zürich has become the most expensive city in the world. As such, especially since we didn’t have stable income here, we started looking for good value deals and tried Groupon Schweiz deals four times, once for hairdresser and three time for restaurants. We had one miss and three pretty good experiences.

Let’s start with the miss and move from the better to the top!

Groupon BIG FAIL Chez Brigitte Zürich:

We bought a Groupon coupon for a Entrecote (Rib Eye steak) menu for two for 79 CHF at Chez Brigitte down town Zürich. Turns out the restaurant has closed since and we haven’t been able to redeem our coupon. My husband hasn’t had time to ask for a refund yet, it’s such a hassle!



Groupon Deal Hairdresser

Groupon Zürich hairdresser offer:

  • Offer: I bought a voucher for a hair colour, shampoo, blow dry and cut for only 59 CHF! Normal price was like 159 CHF at Coiffure Arte.
  • Location: It’s on the other side of the lake, a bit further than Enge, between Brunau and Wollishofen but it only took me 25 minutes drive, driving across the lake on a sunny day.
  • What I disliked:
    • My first impression was very bad as the lady hang up on me when I called three weeks prior to find a suitable date for the appointment. Turns out she is by herself in her salon and couldn’t wait 10 minutes for me to make a decision as she was already attending to a customer
    • When I got there it was indeed a tiny salon with very minimal decoration.
  • What I liked:
    • The lady was really nice in person and was trying to chat with me and my broken German.
    • I was her only customer at that time so for the first time I had a hair colour done with shampoo and cut in 90 minutes only vs 3 to 4 hours in the past. It was really efficient.
    • The cut and the colour were great
    • There’s a dedicated park spot in front of her shop
  • Would I go back?
    • She was great and efficient but I know I can have this done for 70 euros in Nancy in France so I’m not prepared to pay the full price of 159 CHF for that.
  • Contact Details:
    • Coiffeur Arte: Mutschellenstrasse 70, 8038 Zürich, Switzerland. Tel: 044 482 99 33
    • Closed Sunday and Monday


Groupon deal lunch

Groupon Zürich Felsenegg Restaurant

  • Offer: Hubby bought a voucher for fondue lunch for two at Felsenegg Restaurant at half price i.e. 29 CHF instead of 59 CHF. Yummo
  • Location: Felsenegg is south of the popular Uetliberg mountain top. It was 40 minutes drive but you have to park down in Buchenegg and walk up for 15 minutes through the forest. We didn’t know and the kids fell asleep in the car so we dropped them at the top, got a nasty look from the restaurant staff and hubby drove down to park the car… oopsie…
  • TIP: best to get there by cable car, avoid our faux pas and enjoy the scenery and experience. We were set on driving as it was on our way to Oberiberg so we could return the skis we had hired for the season.
  • What we loved:
    • the view: stunning view over the lake of Zürich, the city, the mountains and our home across the lake, even on a slightly cloudy day. Unfortunately it was too cold and windy to seat outside but we still had a window table and the interior was quaint with hanging sausages, ski socks and fake bretzels
    • the playground: just like most of these restaurants around Switzerland, there’s a play area for kids so they don’t get bored while waiting for their meals
    • Our fondue was nice, nothing amazing or outstanding, maybe a bit more kirsch than usual, it was enjoyable still
    • The bill excluding the vouchers but plus extras like white wine for hubby, coffee for me, ice cream for the boys was around 50 CHF so the whole meal at 80 CHF is very reasonable (vs 100 CHF average for us four when we go to our local vietnamese joint)
    • The Groupon voucher was redeemable on a Saturday, not just week days
  • What we didn’t like
    • Kids meals had limited options: fries and sausages or with chicken nuggets. Lucky my kids LOVE chicken nuggets which is the common kid’s meal here but it was still 12.5 CHF for 5 nuggets. However my boys don’t like fries and there was nothing else I could replace it with: no rice or no pasta! What type of restaurant is that? Just fondue and deep fried stuff by the look of it!
  • Would we go back?
    • probably not without another offer. Plus you’d need a sunny day to truly enjoy the terrasse however their meal options are not that great. Maybe for a drink in the afternoon after a bit of trekking or sightseeing.
  • Details:

More pictures:

Groupon deal lunch
Playground at Felsenegg


Groupon deal lunch
The view at Felsenegg


Groupon Zürich WIN: Lobster Offer at Restaurant Nachtigall

  • Hubby knows I LOVE LOBSTER. Not the Langouste Lobster i.e. Australian Lobster but the Maine Lobster or called Homard in France, the one with claws and flesh in between the Langouste and the crab.
  • Offer: he bought a Groupon deal for 79 CHF for two at Nachtigall restaurant plus he received an extra 20% off reminder on Groupon Zürich local offers. That makes it 64 CHF for two lunch menus. The restaurant is known for its hot stones so when hubby called to make the booking he was asked what type of meat he wanted and he couldn’t find the German word to tell them we were after the HUMMER Menu!
  • Location: Kreis 4 near the Selnau station. It’s a lovely area we discovered with lots of cute boutiques and a surf shop across the street! Streets are quite small and one way so restaurants can put out terrasses and provide this lovely spring summer european feel.
  • What we loved
    • The food! Omg, look at the side of this lobster and we thought we’d have to share one. No way! We had one each. It was such bliss! The Lobster was from Canada and was perfectly cooked so the flesh was sweet and juicy. Looked like it was steamed first and then slightly grilled. The risotto was delicious with lots of white wine and a creamy texture. Looked almost healthy with its bits of vegetables 😉 (picture at the top of this post)
    • What was also included in the menu were a starter like a salad or a soup and a surprise dessert. Our salad was big and fresh. Then we also had dessert, which was half a banana and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It was nice and refreshing.
    • The terrasse. It was a very sunny day and we were lucky enough to find a spot outside. The weather was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold and our table was just under the shade of a tree
    • The hand washing ritual: after your lobster has been all eaten up, they bring two little water jars and a pill size lyophilised towel. All you have to do is pour water on them and they grow into tissue towels!
    • The value of this offer was exceptional. I was really enjoying each bite of this awesome lobster and the setting out at the terrasse made it totally blissful!
  • What could have been better:
    • help cutting the lobster claws open
    • mayonnaise or aioli instead of sweet chili sauce
  • Would we go back?
    • The Lobster is not on their menu but other hot stones including wagyu beef, antilope and kangaroo sound promising, especially with another voucher as 60 CHF for a beef fillet is a bit dear (not the animal ;))
    • Lucky they still offer good deals on Groupon like this Beef tenderloin hot stone menu  for two from 69 CHF (56% off)
    • TIP : Looks like it’s a restaurant you don’t go without your voucher! Just search “Nachtigall Zürich” on 
  • Contact Details Nachtigall restaurant:
    • Address: Bäckerstrasse 30, CH-8004 Zurich
    • Tel: 043 541 83 74
    • open every day until midnight, from 11am for lunch week days and only from 6pm for dinner on week ends.

More pictures:

Groupon lunch deal
Nachtigall restaurant lovely terrasse
Groupon lunch menu
Me and hubby at the lovely terrasse with our summery outfits
big and fresh salad
groupon lunch deal
Little white pill will grow into a hand towel
groupon lunch deals
Surprise dessert

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