The secret to cheap and tasty food: do it yourself

cheap tasty food in Zurich

This week I discovered another way to delicious food for less. Different to the Groupon deals I tried last time, this time is: help yourself!

Yan Sushi und Wok: all you can eat Asian Buffet!

How good can all you can eat asian buffet be in Zürich? Well not bad considering that my kids LOVE their salmon sushis and sashimi and could eat almost 10 of them plus avocado maki, plus dessert of course! So here’s Yan Sushi and Wok’s Buffet deal:

  • Week day lunch: 22.90 Fr per person
  • Dinner and Week-ends 32,90 per person
  • Kids: half price

The food:

I was surprised by the wide selection offered at the buffet:

  • Fried/ Deep fried food: chicken wings!!! battered fish, deep fried calamari, battered prawns (shrimp) spring rolls, fried wonton, gyozas,
  • Sushis makis: avocado makis, cucumber makis, surimi, tuna, salmon makis, california rolls, squid migiri, salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, prawn sushis etc… the good thing is that it the plate was replenished quite fast. I was expecting them to take their time so you get filled up with other cheaper dishes, but no, you can really eat 10 salmon nigiri each
  • Wok: choose your noodles, your meat, fish or veggies, your sauce and they wok fry it for you
  • Salad bar: didn’t get too close to that one but it was full of healthy raw veggies. My little one just loves cherry tomatoes so he got his serve of veggie!
  • Dessert: fruit salad, custard puff and ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM = dreamland for the kids. Don’t you hate it when the kids want to try two flavours but they are not able to finish one scoop? Here you make the scoops yourself so tiny scoops of each flavour and voila, minimal wastage!
cheap and tasty food in Zurich
first plate: fried stuff and noodles
cheap and tasty food in Zurich
Great selection of makis and sushis

The decor

Tables are separated by wooden panels, it doesn’t feel like a terrible cheap and dirty buffet. They have small tables and big rounds tables with lazy suzies for banquets. How am I confident it’s one of the best Asian value meals in Zürich? It was full of Asians so it’s the best sign the food is somehow authentic and tasty and the price is right.

The bill

We ended up paying approx 70 Fr for 1 adult and 2 children. Maybe I could save a bit more if I just order 6 avocado mai and an ice cream for the little one (and give him a couple of my chicken wings)

What we didn’t like: they charge you 3Fr for a tiny jug of tap water 🙁

Would we come back? for sure, I need to bring my hubby there so he can enjoy some sweet and sour stuff 😉

The location: Oerlikon/ Schwamendingen

10min drive from our place and only 17 minutes drive for my friend who lives in Thalwil, on the opposite side of the lake! How convenient!

Best of all: they open on Sundays, whereas Asiaway does not.


Pick your own strawberries

Only 12 min drive from home you can find a massive strawberry field (forever!). Just go along the aisles and pick the biggest reddest strawberries, They are so tasty and juicy, what a treat. Best of all it keeps your kids entertained for an hour. You’re not supposed to eat them while picking them but hey, who doesn’t come back with red hans and red faces!

cheap tasty food in Zurich
get them to work!

Price: 5CHF for a kg when you pick them yourself (9 Fr if they are already picked and packed). It’s half the price to Swiss strawberries sold at your local grocery store but probably dearer than Spanish industrial all year round produced strawberry. But hey, now that I’ve tried this, I’d rather not eat strawberries at all than eat the Spanish one.

TIP: get kids to wear red or dark clothes!


  • website: 
  • Type into your gps: “Weidstrasse Wangen- Brütisellen” and follow the big strawberry shaped sign. It’s near Dubendorf’s military airport
cheap tasty food in Zurich
Strawberry fields forever!

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