Something honestly crazy about Switzerland

something crazy about Switzerland

My Aussie (well Singaporean but we met in Australia) bestie Bev is in town, visiting us with her husband and two kids. I took her shopping to Glattszentrum in the morning to refill on our Nespresso Capsules.

After a beautiful experience at the Nespresso store, trying out their new Peru Secreto limited edition coffee, we got a couple of boxes of coffee and a box of chocolate financier to go with our expressos. Then, we went on to run errands and do grocery shopping.

In the afternoon, we realised we left the bag full of capsules and cakes at the shopping center. Actually I¬†left in on the hanger of shopping trolley, which I had then put back on the trolley rack to get my 2Fr back in the car park of the shopping center. Being scatterbrained is my specialty when I’m with close friends or my sister. I remember when I visited my sister in the US we had forgotten to close the house door, to lock the car, even to remove the key from the car board and many times to shut the car’s doors.

So back to my Nespresso story: I called the Glattszentrum shopping centre’s lost and found department but no luck. I decided to drive back there and see if it was still on the trolley…you never know.

It wasn’t, in fact there were very few trolleys left in the car park. So I decided to go to the Nespresso store, ready to tell the sales lady my story hoping she’d remember me and believe me. When I arrived, the sales lady was the same as in the morning, pheww, I told her I had forgotten my bag on the trolley. She smiled and said that SOMEONE HAD RETURNED THE BAG (well in German of course) !!!! The bag was indeed back to her store, full with my 3 boxes of capsule and box of chocolate cake. UNREAL!

What is totally crazy is that the Nespresso store is halfway through the shopping center and 2 levels down from where I had parked so someone actually did all this effort to return the bag to the right store. Bev and I still can’t believe it, and yet Singapore is know as being pretty safe too.

This is Switzerland.

Honestly crazy. Or should I say the honesty is crazy here!

To whoever returned that bag to the Nespresso store: Merci Viel Mal!


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