School holidays… NOT!

school holidays activities

Why school holidays are NOT holidays for me

The kids which means they are at home 24/7 and you need to

  • feed them three times a day well five with morning and afternoon tea and make sure they enough fruit and veggies
  • keep them busy while minimising screen time
  • make sure they go out, have plenty of fresh air and exercise
  • get the 6 year old to build on what he’s been learning at school this year: mainly reading, writing

In the meantime, to make it even more of challenge, we are moving overseas, again, which means, sorting, dumping, selling, giving away stuff. ARGHHHH

I think what’s killing me the most is the shared laundry system where all 9 tenants of the building share the washing machine so according to the roster I can use it Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm and Thursday morning til 12pm. It was all fine when hubby was there to help but now he’s not and it’s been quite warm so you sweat a lot, get outdoors a lot and we’ve been having visitors with its lot of bed sheets and towels. What I’m really bad with is folding clothes! I’m currently looking at a full basket right now and would rather update my blog with my Thursday post than dive into it:)

Whingeing aside I was able to enjoy some quality time with the boys, also thanks to beautiful visitors

school holidays activities

Great activities for kids aged 4 and 6 this summer:

  • Paddle boating and jump in the Greifensee lake
  • Playdates with school friends
  • Painting shirt less (it’s so warm and that way it’s easier to clean up), still takes time to set up and clean up…
  • Play with water pistols in the garden
  • Math exercises that forces my son to read and understand the questions, count- which is what motivates him the most, he is obsessed with numbers – and write the answers (the most challenging for him). Here’s the link to french math exercises
  • Play card games
  • Creative play around the house (with cushions, throws, towels etc…)
  • Lots of swimming pools around the house and in lakes
  • Go to the playground

But that does not fill 14 hour days! Far from it.

So feel free to share your tips and activities!

Thank god we have more visitors next week and then I”m taking them to their grand parents by the beach, yay!




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