Oslo lunch deal at Jensen’s Bøfhus: FAIL

Jensens Bofhus lunch deal

When it comes to advertising, hubby and I are the first to get caught, hubby with oh and ah over new gadgets and cooking utensils, remember the nicer dicer plus, and me over food porn.

For the last week or so I’ve seen cheap lunch ads from Jensen’s Bøfhus everywhere, especially on the tram I’m catching every day to go to Norwegian classes and the tram that goes along the street we live on.

Here it is, on a bus butt near the Oslo Opera House. The wide banner even features a perfectly grilled steak with the criss cross and all, for those who know how strongly I feel about grilled entrecotes.

So on Tuesday after my my noggie lessons I took along 3 friends there… and was disappointed!

There is no such thing as a 59 kr gourmet burger or grilled beef steak. The only items on the menu at that price is a grilled chicken thigh, the one piece, or chicken nachos.

The burger and the steak featured in the ad are 89 Kr. Do you agree this is deceptive and misleading advertising? In Australia it would get reported to the ACCC for showing in the same ad a price point and meals that are actually not that price point. Might as well show a T bone or a whole lobster then!

Not too sure how advertising is regulated here but I can say the reality didn’t match my expectations. In fact I’m looking for the lunch menu online as we speak and it’s not really clear, and is hidden in the breakfast menu…

This aside, here is my review of Jensen’s Bøfhus by Karl Johan’s Gate in Oslo.

Food at Jensen’s Bøfhus

Here is my bacon cheeseburger, what do you think?

Jensens Bofhus lunch deal

Even on the picture you can feel how dry the bun is. The beef patty was dry too. One of my friend found the bacon undercooked and would have rather the bacon cooked like the patty and the patty cooked like the bacon…

On the flip side, the chunky fries were nice, not dry and spiced with paprika.

Decor and ambiance

It looked a lot less cheap and casual than expected. It was spacious, quiet with tables nicely apart from each other, a trendy fireplace as you enter but no umbrella pot. I was expected the place to be crowded with even maybe some queuing given the extensive advertising campaign they are running in the city but we had none of that. We had a table straight away. The restaurant was maybe half full. There’s also a kids room downstairs which can be great for families.


The service was great. The waiters were polite, relatively quick compared to Norwegian standards, spoke great english.

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