1* Michelin star Le Restaurant, Paris 6eme

Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star

Located in L’Hotel, the smallest 5 star hotel in Paris

The beauty of living in Oslo is that we can go back to Paris for a week-end. A couple of weeks ago, we came back for a friend’s wedding in Place St Sulpice in the pretty Left Bank and caught up with our friend and our own wedding’s best man. He took us to Le Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant of the secluded yet luxurious l’Hotel*****. L’Hotel is located rue des beaux arts, one of the tiny streets near the Seine river. It’s the smallest five star hotel in Paris and was Oscar Wilde’s last home! The decor is quite opulent with lots of velvety and shiny curtains and fabric and warm colours. It feels very cosy and many people also enjoy the setting with the hotel’s high tea.

Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star

Lunch at Le Restaurant*, one Michelin star


The food was delicious. We hadn’t been to a starred restaurant since La Lameloise*** in Burgundy almost a year ago and we clearly felt the difference with the other fine dining places we’ve tried ever since. Here, the tastes were very subtle, balanced and so was the texture. It was simply delightful, not over complicated, pretty to look at and very satisfying to our palate.

We picked the mystery seasonal degustation menu. Here’s what we had plus a duck dish of which I failed to take a nice picture of.

Le Restaurant Michelin star Paris
Amuse bouche
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
Bread with seaweed butter
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
50 types of tomatoes, garlic croutons, basil whipped mousse
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
Fish and grilled zucchini
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
perfectly seasoned brie de Meaux cheese with quince paste
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
pre-dessert inspired by the baba au rhum with vanilla whipped cream
Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
ultra thin mirabelle pie


As expected the Maitre d’O was nice and warm. He even took a selfie of him… accidentally when I asked him to take a picture of us tee hee! We all had a good laugh about it.

Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star
Bold (bald) picture!


Le Restaurant Paris Michelin star

This was one of the three pictures he took, with the duck dish and our best man 🙂

The Bill

As for the price, well it was one of those places where they don’t show prices on the ladies menus. But then the Maitre d’O revealed the prices when he asked whether we wanted matching wines or not and from memory it was 180 euros with matching wines and perhaps 110 euros without…ball park.



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8 thoughts on “1* Michelin star Le Restaurant, Paris 6eme”

    1. Thank you! You can tell how I’ve improved my photo skills since the first Michelin stars I did back in November 2014. I suppose the lighting, including lots of natural light at lunch at Le Restaurant helped a lot! Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Melodie, I agree the presentation is amazing but you know what? The flavours were so well balanced too. It was our first Michelin starred restaurant for almost a year and we can really tell the difference.

    1. Thanks for popping by Dr J! Your blog is unbelievable! How can someone visit and document so many places all around the world? I’m totally impressed…But someone’s been saving the best for last… Scandinavia!
      Give me a shout when you decide to visit Oslo!

  1. What a lovely treat for you Thien Lan, and so nice for us to vicariously share your amazing meal too. Good to have you back form Oslo for some of your beautiful food photography. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance, I’m salivating now.

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